Ivos Limited is a specialized supplier of computer and multi-media
cleaning products, we operate from our premises in west London
Ivos supplies its range to trade and retail customers only, which are
based around the whole of the UK.

Ivos supplies a total of 10 products in our range which includes:
PC Cleaning Kit, Plastic Cleaner, Screen Cleaner, Multi-Surface Wipes,
Screen Wipes, Foam Cleaner, Air Duster, CD Wet Wipes CD–ROM Lens
Cleaner & Dry wipes.

Our EU manufacture which makes all products to
ISO 9001:2000 certification.

With the rapid expansion of multi-user environments, such as call centres, health, safety and
hygiene issues high on the agenda anywhere where apparatuses such as phones, copiers and PCs are shared.

Special anti-bacteric formulations are used in Ivos products to clean
effectively and hygienically, thus reducing the risk of viruses infections
and consequent lost productivity through illness. With operation safety paramount, wherever possible packaging material is recyclable and environmentally friendly in line with Ivos environmental policy.

Our distinctive yellow, white and blue packaging is recognizable which
means we stand out from the rest of the crowd, our product meets the
same standard as our competitors but our prices are affordable value for money.

This has been made possible due to the productive business partnershipwe have forged with our suppliers.


copyright Ivos Ltd 2004